“Jonny! Let’s go!”

His fingers curled into her sweater, not wanting to let her go. Afraid that the answer would be different if he let her think, to weigh her options. He pulled her in and tried to infuse all the want and need he was feeling. Her fingers smoothed through his hair, easing the kiss from the hurried to the slow.

His body felt like one big, exposed nerve and only her soothing touch could keep him in line. He drew back, lingering on the kiss swollen mouth, and dipping once, then twice until he was sure she would remember and feel half the want he had going on.

Her cool fingertips traced along the line of his jaw, “Hurry.”


“I’m comin’” he yelled back to John. “Give a guy a break,” he muttered. “Are you going to watch?”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” she said as their fingers twisted.

He left her at the side and immediately immersed himself in the music, in the moment, in the melody and the laughter. The kids and the adults alike were in the swing of things as the final number of the night began.

Santa made his reappearance as the stage was filled to brimming with artists, donation sponsors, puppets and of course the musicians. The rockin’ rendition of Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town was one of his favorites and he looked forward to it every year.

The two minute jingle lengthened to nearly ten minutes of laughter and ribbing. And as the song climaxed, he found her there, next to him, with Davie’s knowing look spread across his expressive face on the other side of her. He linked their fingers over the tambourine, pulling her in front of him and the smiles were even wider as the entire house stood and sang.

All the single dad troubles, new love worries faded for a moment in time as they celebrated for the Elizabeth Foundation and for the children it would help. United for a cause that meant healing for kids was good enough on a night like this.

And as the finale wound down, he kept her close. Expected schmoozing and final goodbyes took longer than he wanted. Everyone wanted to talk to him, a photo, a moment of his time. He tamped down his impatience and his need to get her alone and felt his smile wear thin and his patience wear away until their palms met and her fingers linked with his again. She smiled and did the small talk thing without complaint, without the constant stomp of impatience and so he relaxed.

And the night stretched out for him at each lingering touch. He helped her into her coat, smoothing his fingers up and over the winter white wool, fluffing the collar up to keep her warm. He tugged her hair out and the scent of cinnamon and spice curled around him as he leaned in, “You always smell so good,” he said sniffing appreciatively.

Not knowing what to say, she laughed, “Thanks, I think.”

He escaped out the side door again and said goodnight to Kevin as he ran to the car, with her in tow. He turned her a bit as they found the car, caging her in. “In a rush?” she asked breathlessly.

Curling his fingers into his palm he forced himself to slow, take the time and enjoy. He didn’t remember wanting anything so much in his life. He rubbed noses with her, settling for an Eskimo kiss that would keep him settled.

The ride out of Basie’s would have been time consuming, but the well wishing had taken enough time for the parking lot to empty, yet he still took the back roads. Still wanted to have her to himself, even if it was just traffic he’d run into.

There was a heaviness to the car, expectation and anticipation were front runners with a touch of nerves to keep them both quiet. “Your place or mine,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Which is closer?” she asked not looking away from the road.


She glanced to her left and her dark eyes glittered in the dim light of the car. “Mine, then.”

He stepped on the gas, and they shot into the night, heading to her small cottage with minimal traffic and yet every mile felt like an eternity and pulling into her drive left the talk at a standstill. She let him help her out of the car, but a sense of shyness had replaced their earlier teasing.

Their fingers still twined and the light bumping of bodies seemed to echo with the fragility of first times. He wasn’t expecting to feel so unsure of himself. He’d done this a thousand times, even his nearly twenty years of marriage had left him with seduction techniques that would normally set him at ease.

He knew what to do.

How to do it.

Even what would be expected of him during the night. But it felt like he should be careful here, that it would change him. And he wasn’t sure he was ready for that kind of change again.

She flipped on the entryway light and shrugged out of her coat and when she turned to him, he suddenly realized he was very ready. He’d been waiting for her for a long time. And in the silence of her house, he walked to her, brushing his thumbs up and over the crest of her cheek, letting his fingers drift into her hair as he tilted her head up to taste her.

Drawing on the patience he hadn’t known he’d possessed, he lengthened the kiss until she melted into him. Until her nerves drifted away into the gentle passion they created. She turned and with fingers still linked she walked up the stairs. Words still didn’t seem to have a place in the softness of the night. And she only turned on enough lights to get them to her room.
He got an impression of space and color, but the only colors he was interested lay in her pale skin, the dozens of shades of blonde in her hair, her warm brown eyes and the flash of red that winked from her tummy.

And instead of starting at her mouth, he dipped to the line of her sweater and lifted it. She gasped as his tongue found her belly ring as he nosed up the fluffy angora leaving his hands to push the rest up as he nuzzled his way up.

Finding black and red lace cupping her generous breasts drew a growl from him as he nosed around, blowing over the satin until a nipple pushed at the material. His hand cupped her, tracing over the lace as his thumbs found her peak and lightly rubbed.

Searching for the other nipple he plucked at one and rolled the other between his teeth and tongue through the material. Her fingers tangled in his hair as she tried to bring him up to her mouth, but still he stayed. Still he gave.

And her soft moans were all the filled the air. He pushed at the sweater until it hit the floor next to his feet. His mouth moved up to the crest of her breast where her scent flared and drowned his senses. Up to her neck and over a shoulder until the black strap slid down her arm.

Taking his time to nuzzle along her skin, finding satin, lace and a patch of freckles at her shoulder he took his time to taste each inch. He circled her waist, using only is fingertips to climb her back and find the strap to her bra and the hooks that held her away from him.

She gasped as he snapped it open and let it fall. He stood up straight as she went for his t-shirt, pushing it up with the same slowness. It was his turn to gasp as her fingers and nails burrowed through the hair of his chest, finding muscles and skin and…he hissed as her mouth found a nipple.

Whipping off the t-shirt he groaned as they were skin to skin for the first time. Her belly quivered as his cold buckle brushed her skin and instead of keeping it slow and aching, he dropped his jeans and lifted her rounding the bed as her legs opened and gripped at his hips.

Eyes locked he lowered her to the bed. His mouth lingered at hers, not quite touching, not quite apart, just breathing her in. He could see her eyes wanting to close, to enjoy his touch.

“Keep them open,” he whispered as he struggled with her pants and boots and returned quickly.

She watched as he undressed her. Watched as he stood before her in the muted light of her reading lamp. Watched as he took care to protect her and watched as he lowered himself on top of her.

He met her gaze and the ache and the want merged into her brown eyes as he gently positioned himself and felt her surround him. Wanting to hold onto the moment he stilled and breathed out.

Opening as if she’d been made for him, she accepted him inside of her body. And just before he pushed himself fully inside of her, their lips met and every part of her enveloped him. Thighs closed, body accepted and mouths fused until they couldn’t deny the needs building.

He rocked gently against her, enjoying the tiny flutters of her milking him. His hands curled beneath her shoulders and held her up and against him as his lips moved to her chin and her neck as his strokes lengthened.

His hand slid down her body and gripped her thigh as she pushed up against him as the wonder of the first time curled around them like a blanket.

And when he heard his name on her lips he let himself go.


Bella woke to the dim gray light of a winter morning. The unfamiliar heat beneath her cheek had her blinking in awe and rising to see a shadowed jaw and length of neck at her eye line. His hair was mussed and his lips gently parted in sleep.

Without thought her fingertip drew a line along his bottom lip. He started at her touch and sleepy eyes opened then closed as his lips curved. “Morning,” he said roughly.

She laid her check back on his chest. “Good morning.”

His fingers trailed down her back. “I don’t think I’ve slept that well in years,” he said and his hair roughened thighs whispered along hers. His hand lowered to the curve of her butt as he lightly squeezed and roamed back up to her shoulders. “You’re quiet.”

She lifted herself on her elbow and met his sleepy blue eyes. “This was a lot to take in.”

His eyebrow rose. “Why thank you.”

She laughed and tugged the sheet up and sat next to him. Feeling none of her modesty, he stretched and let the sheet fall low on his hips. “We wanted each other, Izzy. It’s natural and even expected for it to lead to the bedroom.”

“I’m not worried about the sex. I’m a grown woman and made my decision to take you home before you even asked.”

He pushed his hand under the pillow and propped himself up. “Okay, then what are you worried about?”

“Nothing major...just worried how I’m supposed to go to my parents’ house today and not have them figure out that I met the most wonderful man.”

He sat up and hauled her in. “Guess you’ll just have to tell them about me.”

“You wouldn’t mind?” she said around the kisses he started.

“Nope. I’m not letting you go any time soon.” After a few minutes he pulled back. “And to think it all started with a car crash. How about that?”

She laughed as he rolled her under him. “Red and blue mesh oh so nicely.” She arched under him. “Oh and whatever happened to my car anyway?”

“I thought you liked red and blue,” he said and kissed her until she forgot all about cars and just concentrated on him.

THE END....for now. ;)